Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Assignment 2 – Seeing like your camera–concluded

Print Submission. I will submit the following 15 prints to my tutor for the categories listed.
Part 1:
Strong incident dappled light

DSC_3074_web DSC_3088_web DSC_3091_web

Street scene in the middle of a clear sunny day

DSC_3104_webDSC_3168_web DSC_3129_web  

Landscape with low angle incident light

DSC_3176_webDSC_3179_web DSC_3209_web  

Indoor space with strong natural window light

DSC_3819_webDSC_3735_web DSC_3795_web  

Part 2
Street scene re–photographed

DSC_3896_webDSC_3922_web DSC_3903_web  


Reflection on Assignment 2

This was a challenging assignment, not just because of the broad range of situations in which I had to make photographs, the frustration of waiting for the weather to change but also attempting to introduce some creativity into what seemed a technical exercise about pre-visualising what you would get from your camera given the lighting conditions in front of you.
Looking at the  four Assessment Criteria I think I have demonstrated technical and visual skills, I am happy with the quality of my outcomes, context and reflection  but I haven’t really demonstrated much, creativity or originality. It was something I was aware of as I took my photographs but the technical requirements kept getting in the way. Must try harder!
My tutors advice for this assignment was to devise a series on a theme and to be honest I just couldn’t think of something that I could fit into all of  the lighting scenarios required. Perhaps I should use people more? Something I find difficult but must try to overcome.

Wider research,  reading and projects

Developing my own style or “voice” may take a long time but I have joined the Thames Valley Study Group and attended my first meeting. I will continue to get to as many study visits as I can. I have started to re-read “The Photograph as Contemporary Art” (I struggle with the language used in some of these books, so much for Art being accessible!)
I have started Geoff Dyers “The On-going Moment” and I need to review Susan Bright’s “Art Photography Now” having read that some months ago.
During the visit to the Prix Pictet exhibition, I discussed with my tutor a possible future project at one of  the Army Training Units near my home. Unfortunately my early retirement from the MOD means that I no longer have access to the personnel or facilities but I am continuing with my candid street photography project.

Tutor Feedback on Assignment 2

I received positive and constructive feedback from my tutor for this assignment, mainly about the brief which I was aware of. I will take the advice offered and use the brief as a starting point and develop a theme and work it into the assignment. Hopefully this will make the assignments less of a slog (I did find this one frustrating and found it difficult to motivate myself towards the end)  I have read ahead to the next assignment and I already have one or two ideas and some photographs that I can work with. I will also add a separate section for assignments to my learning log.

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