Sunday, 6 April 2014

Assignment five–Tutor feedback and reflection

I have included an extract of the main points that Sharon made about this assignment and highlighted the areas where I will need to take action before submitting for assessment:
I particularly enjoyed the abstract nature of many of these pictures. I got a sense of your morning routine but had to take some time to work it out. It added to the project not to be given all the information out right and as a result really pulled me into the work. It was also a good decision not to title the work in a descriptive way so you still kept the mystery. I’m also glad you went with this project and not the actor set, which looks like a good exercise but this work takes me on much more of a journey. The journey and intentions of this project were clear before I even read your blog so that alone suggests you achieved it well. I also thought that the ambiguity provided by the use of macro photography helped this project from being a clich├ęd way to attempt this task. I would like to see your writing move away from more technical detail such as the tablet package providing good texture and detail to incorporating a more reflective account of what it means for you to get ready. In an extreme and shocking example you may be interested in Pete Mansell’s series for his level 3 Advanced. This kind of approach would help you to work with your creative ideas more and would help assessors know how you thought it through rather than seeing it as a simply technical exercise – which I am sure it is not. Some more information would be helpful here. I like the theme of touch and this does come through but again, in your writing and in your final editing process, ensure this hits the assessors between the eyes! The awareness you have about the retirement theme is very interesting and perhaps this is something you could look at in your next courses (landscape or documentary would both fit it well). I wish you all the best in exploring this if you choose to do so. (I think it would be great!) Technically these were well produced and printed. You demonstrated some very competent skills in applying lighting to the reading of an image. The only ones that looked over produced was the shaving one and the pills held in a hand, which could do with a reprint. Perhaps you could put them in a portfolio box for assessment? I’m glad you made the decision against manipulation, it wasn’t needed and I think the work is stronger as a result. I wonder if there are too many pills references. If I was you I would edit it down to one picture to represent this aspect of your routine. The pills in your hand is probably the most obvious and also badly coloured so I would consider editing this one out. The blue and white Braille image I feel is the most successful of these as it is the least obvious and most visually grabbing. Thinking along these lines I wonder whether the shaving face is required? Something for you to consider in the final edit. In my opinion it would be a good editing decision to make the selection visually striking and ambiguous. This would help the series sit well together both visually and conceptually. I think it is nearly there and with a few tweaks and removals it will be a tighter and more coherent set.

I will make the modifications to my initial blog submission by editing the descriptions using italics and reposting the blog with an explanation of what I have changed in response to tutor feedback.
Following Sharon’s suggestion, I looked and Peter Mansell’s blog. It was indeed an extreme example but I’m glad I spent the time. I got an insight into the difficulties experienced by his particular mobility problems but more importantly into the hidden and very personal issues he has to deal with on a daily basis. Issues that someone who enjoys good health (and takes it for granted most of the time) is not aware of.